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FabLab Network is a platform for learning, intergenerational integration, creativity and support to creative makers, startups and companies. The national reference FabLab Network Slovenia is a technologically supported environment for innovation, prototyping and invention, but is also aimed at encouraging circular economy and local entrepreneurship.

Slovenia developed the national reference network FabLab of creative laboratories in 2017 within the framework of the Interreg Europe ERUDITE project. The initiator and coordinator of the network is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, in cooperation with the Information Society Directorate, Ministry of Public Administration. The main objective of the network is to recognize and use the entrepreneurial potential of local communities in Slovenia.

The basic idea is to promote innovation and development of local economy. Some partners of the network have had long experience in operating within different forms of entrepreneurship environment. Formation of entrepreneurship will be encouraged in all Slovenian regions.

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Global Opportunities

Fabrication Laboratories are commonly known as FabLabs. The abbreviation indicates open, non-commercial creative places where makers can use the most advanced equipment and technology. The idea was born at the Centre for Bits and Atoms in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). FabLabs were initiated to find out how technology can become the driving force of development in underserved communities. Most FabLabs are equipped with 3D-printers, CNC machines, and laser cutting and engraving machines.

The global FabLab Network is an open and creative community of makers, engineers, researchers, scientists, artists, teachers, students and experts of all ages who collaborate and work together in innovative ways in more than 1000 FabLabs in 78 countries. The World Bank acknowledged FabLabs as an effective way to develop local industry, promote entrepreneurship, acquire practical learning experience and increase interest in education in the direction of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Thus, FabLabs also contribute to the training of staff who are then able to follow the latest developments, co-creating new development and business opportunities at home and abroad.

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Local Knowledge

A number of different organizations have shown their interest in being part of the Network: businesses, schools, development agencies, public and private institutes from all over Slovenia (Ribnica, Ptuj, Kranj, Dravograd, Murska Sobota, Maribor, Žalec, Nova Gorica, Koper, Piran, Trbovlje, Sevnica, Novo mesto and others).

All technological equipment in companies, laboratories, educational institutions that is only rarely used will be listed along with the existing knowledge and competences. The equipment, knowledge and competences in individual laboratories are focused on the field of smart specialisation, depending on the needs of companies in the region. When listed, they will become accessible to the wider interested public.

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